State Asphalts

State Asphalts NSW is the specialised asphalt production division of the Kypreos Group of Companies, responsible for the manufacture and sale of a wide range of asphalt based products.


State Asphalts NSW is operational 24/7; with convenient, easily accessible production facilities able to service the Sydney Metro area and the NSW South Coast. Focused on providing customers with the best possible quality, service and solutions at all times, State Asphalts NSW supply asphalt products to residential, commercial and government organisations. Furthermore, State Asphalts NSW is able to cater exclusively to large projects or regional areas through the use of our portable capabilities.


Supported by a division of technical engineers, State Asphalts NSW understands clients technical needs and is able to manufacture products to meet stringent requirements and specifications. With customer-focused production at the core of all asphalt manufacturing, State Asphalts NSW ensures it is responsive to changing demands within the industry. Beyond production, State Asphalts NSW is a market leader in asphalt recycling technologies, utilising in-house facilities to minimise the environmental impact of its operations.


With over 45 years in the industry, State Asphalts NSW has developed its expertise and is accustomed to delivering superior solutions, in a flexible customer focused manner in accordance with all relevant specifications. 

State Asphalts


  • Asphalt Manufacture 
  • Asphalt mix designs
  • NATA accredited Asphalt testing facilities
  • Recycling of Reclaimed Asphalt Material (RAP)
  • Production of Warm Asphalt
  • Production of PAKPAVE

Provision of products to Civil Engineering Infrastructure Projects:

  • M1 Upgrade
  • M4 Widening (Westconnex)
  • M5 Widening
  • NorthConnex
  • Wyong/F3 Interchange
  • Camden Valley Way
  • Central Coast Highway
  • Princess Highway
  • Alfords Point Road Upgrade
  • Sydney Airport Upgrades
  • Great Western Highway Upgrades
  • M7 Westlink
  • RMS Panel Contract
  • WSROC Maintenance Contract

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