Centrally located, the high capacity Prestons plant is designed to service the greater Sydney area, Central Coast and Southern Highlands of NSW.


Capable of 24/7 operations, the Prestons plant; a Marini EMCC250 continuous drum mixing asphalt plant, is capable of producing up to 250 tonnes of asphalt per hour. The Prestons facility is able to store up to 600 tonnes of asphalt mix and 350 tonnes of bitumen, if required. With the ability to cater for and produce Hot mix asphalt (HMA), Warm mix asphalt (WMA) and Stone mastic asphalt (SMA), the facility is ideal for sourcing high quality products. Furthermore, the plant is easily accessible with the junction of the major arterials, the M7 and M5 motorways nearby. It's ability to supply such large quantities and ease of access allows the Presons plant to cater for large operations.


The plant underwent significant upgrades over 2013/2014, with the installation of upgraded control systems and frequency drives which allow for a more efficient use of the facility during production. The plant was also retrofitted with the capability to produce warm-mix asphalt as a response to market requirements and growth.


State Asphalts NSW prides itself on ensuring production goals are achieved whilst meeting environmental best practice benchmarks and requirements, as such the facility was designed to incorporate a unique underground conveyor system to deliver raw materials into the asphalt production process. This was incorporated to lower the emissions of plant and equipment required to move raw materials, minimise air pollution during delivery and ensures products and raw materials are not contaminated during the production process.


State Asphalts NSW's Prestons plant is also capable of utilising Recycled Asphalt products (RAP) in its asphalt products, in accordance with tested and approved asphalt mix designs. State Asphalts NSW prides itself on being flexible in nature, catering to the specific needs of its' clients, including their desire to deliver projects using sustainable methods such as the inclusion of Recycled Asphalt products. Furthermore, State Asphalts NSW is able to ensure the production of quality asphalt products, which have been developed and tested against quality assurance standards in the NATA approved laboratory which is also located at the Prestons facility.



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